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Built on tradition for over 40 years

Our Five Stars Of Success

  • Value input and contributions of others
  • Actively listen to other's points of view without interrupting
  • Be open to new ideas - More than one solution to a problem
  • Actively work to avoid being negative - treat others as you would want to be treated
  • Work to improve for yourself and your fellow employees
  • Strive to be better than the rest
  • Always be on the lookout for opportunities or areas for improvement, think outside the box.
  • Bring a solution along with the problem
  • Take pride in your work, it is a representation of you
  • Always represent yourself and Five star in a positive manner in interactions with customers, carriers, drivers and other fellow employees
  • Don’t be a pessimist - eliminate negative energy
  • Commit to “What can I do?” not “What can’t I do”
  • View difficulties as a welcome challenge not a roadblock
  • Remember  that listening is the most important part of communication
  • Gather all the relevant information you need from the start
  • Share information - Don’t assume others involved know what you know
  • Ask Questions or others and don’t be afraid to provide feedback
  • Share thoughts, ideas, feedback  and information with fellow employees and management
  • Strive for success together, as a group
  • Be there to help for each other and Five Star
  • Celebrate accomplishments together
  • Work together to overcome challenges, we are all on the same team

A Message From The President

Welcome to Five Star Trucking. It is exciting for me to have this opportunity to introduce us and what we stand for.

Five Star Trucking began as an irregular route carrier in 1974, operating between Ohio and eight western states. In 1977, under new ownership, we evolved into a 48-state truckload carrier and a full brokerage logistics company. That new ownership still exists today as we move into our third generation of management. We have continued to grow through good economies and tough economies. We have always believed our success was achieved by "finding ways to do what other carriers were unable to do." This principle has served us well over the years.

This past year we launched our new program of the "FIVE STARS OF SUCCESS" which have become our values to follow and continue to strive for on a daily basis. We have always put the needs of our customers first in trying to make each of our customer's jobs a little easier by communication and working together. Whether you are viewing us for information or with a purpose to engage with us we welcome you.


John Gramc

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